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★    Customize Your Dream with Customerica Design Experts★


Our motto is “The simplest is the best!”. Hence, we try to make the process as easy as we can.


You want your artwork logo printed exactly the way you want it.  Imagine the comfort of knowing that it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort with the Customerica team!


Contact us to have your product printed in the exact size and color of your choice.

A. What does Customerica Offer?

1.   Customerica Design Studio

Just imagine it! We offer the most advanced, state-of-the-art design studio, including thumbnails, text if you wish, of the latest innovations! Customerica Design Studio is a starting point to make your dreams come true.

2.   Ready-made Templates

Customerica offers unique designs that are created as a ribbed design throughout the finalization phase and serve as a template for inspiration. Choose a topic that appeals to you and personalize it. You have the flexibility to act the way you wish.

3.   Call or email a Customerica Expert

Customerica Design professionals are standing here to assist you! They are the ones that are eager to assist you with all of your artwork services and recommendations. To make your purchase by phone, contact us or email the survey at help@customerica.com.


What Happens After Ordering a Customerica?

Everything is finished! You are ready to finish your design! Good news! Here in Customerica, you never need precise planning, pixelating, sizing with colors or matching. We take care of everything related to your order. Now, the rest of the part is our profession!


Step 1: Create and/or review design

Send your design by phone or via email whether it is a basic file or  high-quality artwork files. Depending on what you desire, there might be over 12 designs.


Step 2: Client Confirmation

We have test productions in place to provide customers with both our streamlined manufacturing process and high-quality goods. In many case, you don’t have to pay the test production if your purchase amount of the same t-shirt is high. Please contact us, before you order.

New orders

Professional design assistance is provided for new orders. Our design team will go through your order to ensure that your concept appears great when printed on high-quality clothes. We compare the size of your artwork to industry standards and ensure that it is properly aligned with the garments you select. We want you to appear your best, as well as your creativity. During the evaluation, our design specialists will make modifications.

If you are having 20 or more of your designs produced, our design team may email you a digital copy of your updated work if you so choose. This is known as a “proof” in our business, and it allows you to see how the final design will look on your selected garment.

We will ask you to examine and approve this proof before we begin printing to ensure that all of the facts are correct. The quicker you answer with approvals or modifications, the more time we have to accomplish what we do best: print your design on your shirt.

If you purchase four or less pieces, we will begin printing as soon as it has been evaluated and created by our experienced design staff. We will only give you a proof if our specialists believe your design is sophisticated and requires your approval, or if you expressly request one at the time of purchase or by emailing info@customerica.com .


If you have already made an order from Customerica and want to repurchase the same design, we will not offer you a proof and will instead request your confirmation. Simply send an email to info@customerica.com to get a proof for a reorder.

Step 3: Start production

Your order has been approved for manufacturing! Orders are always printed ahead of schedule or on the scheduled delivery date.

  • What can you anticipate from the design team at Customerica?
  • We like fantastic art endeavors! Even the most difficult designs may be handled by our expert design staff.

B. Which Services Does Customerica Offer?

Creating great designs for you from the ground up

The majority of our clients just tell us what they want to see, and we prepare it precisely how they want it. We’ll give you a copy of your proofs after we’ve completed the design so you can check the artwork before printing.

Take a current design to the next level

Simply email us a drawing of your ideal piece of art, and we’ll make revisions or add details for you. Shade, extra colors, fine lines, and other changes are common modifications. We will email you a proof of the design showcasing the finalized artwork for new orders of five or more pieces, and you will have the final word on whether it is authorized for printing. By sending a confirmation email, you will give us proof.

Branded logos & print-ready artworks.

Our designers are real masters at designing artwork with the strictest specifications, whether you start with size, print-ready or vector artwork, or have a specific need for location or colors. Let us know your demands and specifications, and we will work with you until everything is right.


Simply said, no matter what stage of the design process you’re in, we’ll make sure you obtain a fantastic final design.

C. Which File Formats are Best for Customerica?

Our graphic designers are capable of working with any file type or instruction. While some file types in vector format or high resolution drawings at 300 DPI are preferred, they are not required for us to begin printing your order.


However, if you want to make our designers’ lives simpler, we recommend:


●     Generally we use: ●       Other formats
➔    .EPS (vector file) ➔       .JPG ➔       .DOC
➔    Al (Adobe Illustrator) ➔       .JPEG ➔       .XLS
➔    .PDF (Portable Document Format) ➔       .GIF ➔       .PPT
➔    .PSD (Photoshop Document) ➔       .PUB ➔       .TIF
➔       .BMP ➔       .PNG

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