That is, everything that was not much liked in this form factor was decided. And I’ll tell you – it’s downright a must-have. Well, on the headphones. Here is a photo of foam rubber and new rubber bands Attention! under the cut – a photo of unwashed used headphones! They have a completely different sound, but there are several similar features – namely, firstly, they are not very well removed from the case (especially tronsmarts), and they sit rather insecurely in the ears. They are really thicker, But at the same time, headphones with ear pads sit perfectly in the ears. If they are degreased from time to time, then it becomes better for a while, but not for long, because they also stretch slightly, and over time this inconvenience progresses.

Ear cushions for in-ear headphones

There is nothing special to write here. 4 thin rubber bands in a simple bag They enter the case without problems, charge and all that. Based on the above – I decided to buy another option, thicker and twice as expensive. It may be possible to glue it with some kind of “temporary” glue, but this is also not accurate. Not in the sense that they fall out, but in the sense that they are not particularly willing to hold the position when the user is active.
I use Tronsmart Onyx Ace and BlitzWolf BW-FYE9.
In the comments, I was advised to try the ear pads (thanks a lot!), which I immediately did. The result is that the headphones have become a little more convenient to take out of the case, they sit much better in the ears, they provide a slightly better isolation from the outside world, which has a positive effect on the sound, but external sounds are not completely cut off. Comparing the “earplugs” (in-ear) and “earbuds” (semi-in-ear) TWS headphones, I finally settled on the “earbuds” – I feel more comfortable in them (these are personal characteristics of the body), they make it possible to hear external noise (which useful on the street, and complete isolation, on the contrary, in the metro, which we do not have and will not have), but they have some features that are not always pleasant. To combat the second nuance, I successfully used foam rubber ear pads from small old headphones – and it got better, except for the fact that the ear pads themselves do not really stick well on the headphones. Very thin, but strong enough – they did not tear when put on and used. The only “but” is that the rubber bands are very thin, therefore, on the one hand, they do not interfere with placing the headphones in the case, and on the other, they sometimes fly off, especially after the accumulation of fat on the inside. Now to the subject of the review.

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