Its dimensions are 145*58*26mm.
The characteristics of the device are indicated on the reverse side.

USB 3.0 hub ORICO BT2U3-7AB for 7 ports.

The device is delivered in a branded package from Orico in white and blue colors, on the front side of the box there is an image and the name of the device, the box is quite dense and was not damaged during shipment, when ordering from the Russian Federation, the parcel arrived in 3 days.
There are the following options for the number of ports to choose from: 7/10/13/16
The output ports have 5.065V each.
There is enough space between the ports, cables and flash drives do not interfere with each other. The speed of data transfer is also pleasing.
When the Ampere was raised, a drawdown was noticeable, raised it to 5 – the device was not cut off. Protocols.
On one of the ends there are ports for connecting power and USB Side inserts and buttons are made of plastic.
I checked the speed of writing and reading with the CrystalDiskMark program on this disk from the same company, the test results from the USB port in the motherboard and through the hub are almost identical.
The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
In my version, this is a seven-port hub with an on / off button. opposite each USB port.
Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Naturally, in order for all this to start working, you need to press the button, the active ports are highlighted with a blue diode, but you can see it only if you look at it from above.
The concentrator is completed with the instruction in English.
There is a button near the plug on the PSU that removes the nozzle with the European look of the plug. It was time for me to change my charging station for 20 ports. only 5 maximum were used, and it took up quite a lot of space on the table, the choice fell on a USB hub from ORICO for 7 ports, here it saves space and the ability to use it to transfer data from devices to a PC.
On the top side there is an inscription orico and information that USB 3.0 ports. As a result, we get a fairly compact charger with 7 ports, which you can take with you when traveling, or you can use it at home, if most devices are used to charging in one place, and not scattered across all outlets. Power supply 12V, 2.0A. There is quite enough space for a couple of phones, there are also headphones for flash drives. In my previous station for charging devices there was one huge jamb, when all the devices are charged, it starts to squeak, and since I usually put everything on charge at night, this squeak appears exactly at night when you sleep, or rather you don’t sleep anymore , you get up and cut it off, and then sleep, well, if you fall asleep, old farts have such a dream, in this version there is no such problem.
Copy from PC all to the same drive. The package also includes a USB-B cable for connecting to a PC. The hub itself is made of gray painted aluminum.

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